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The convenience of our online file transfer capability allows you to send a file from your computer to ours in a matter of minutes.

Details for our Material Requirements are listed below:


ADOBE INDESIGN: All linked graphics and Postscript Type I fonts included (we recommend using "Collect for Output"). Removal of multilingual extensions is requested.

ADOBE PHOTOSHOP: EPS, JPEGs and TIFFs accepted. Files must meet a minimum 300-dpi requirement and be converted to CMYK.

ADOBE ACROBAT (PDF FORMAT): All resulting PDFs must be high resolution. All PDF files should be created with crop marks and bleed. Fonts must be embedded on all PDF files. A proper Postscript file must be generated and distilled within Acrobat Distiller.

ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR: Include fonts. Do not embed images; link them to document and submit with native document (refer to graphics guidelines).

Include a copy of ALL fonts used in your files. If EPS images are linked, be sure to include all linked fonts as well. Be sure to include both printer fonts and screen fonts for your files. All fonts must be Postscript Type I or True Type.

EPS, JPEG, PDF, and TIFF files are accepted. All images should be 300-dpi and should be provided at final size. Convert all RGB graphics to CMYK for printability.


Enter your information in the spaces below, click SEND FILE, and an e-mail confirmation will be sent to notify you when your file has been received. It's that easy!

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Please provide information about the file you are sending. Include what application you used to create the file.

Click on the "Browse" button below to select a file on your computer. After you've selected the file, click the "Send File" to transfer your file to us. Please use WinZip or DropStuff to compress the file before you send it. If you do not have compression software installed, visit the Software Downloads area in Resources & Support for additional information.

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